First off, SO SORRY I haven’t posted, I mean, no one reads this as far as I know, so I don’t have a reason. If you could please follow, and read my blog, I would be so grateful! I will be having Stardolls Next Top Model Comps. And everything! Please stay tuned :) And I will be Re-Decorating the site, so look out for that ;D
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New LE and new SS hair?

Sorry for not posting In a while, not like anyone really reads this anyway, but lately a few pretty cool things have happened, for one the new LE is out, and is probably the ugliest LE yet. I got my hands on a few articles of LE but I didn't realize it was even out until way after... That sucks because I really wanted arm straps.

Also Stardoll released new SS hair, which is pretty cool because just days earlier I was hoping they would.

I want to know, what's your opinion on the new LE and SS hair?



So Stardoll released a New store today for the starplazza, called Palazzo! The store has more of a rich, fancy type theme, which will be nice to have once they get more items. So far they’ve only release a few items, which all seem to be superstar.
I Guess the shoes aren’t SS which is nice for the non-superstars :) PLUS! If you aren’t in the mood to buy clothes, just buy a 123 Stardollar Palazzo sign! I really don’t know who’d buy that but some people may just buy it to show off how tacky and expensive it is!

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About Hiring Writers....

Just wanted to announce that I will NOT be hiring writers at the time being. I’m very sorry, I realize I said I would but I might just keep it a single person site for a while. I just posted this because I realized that LOTS of people have been asking about hiring, and for now it will just be me, hope you understand…
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Ok Soooo i have always wanted to do a make-up tutorial so here it is! =]
Its for Katy Perry's Firework!
Hope i helped! =D
And heres for lips, its optional but thought i should any way lol

Have Fun, And feel free to request a make up tutorial from another MV!
I love doing them, Love yall x)

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National Covergirl?

So stardoll just recently released National Covergirl.
The one thing i thought when i first saw this was, is this good? or bad...
I mean sure, more people get to be CG but no one REALLY gets the spotlight, a bunch of people do and not many stardolls are gonna take the time to check out every countries winner.
I know many are happy about this, but either way its good and bad.
Plus, what happens to the mag cover? What are they gonna do? Just put america or something?
In my opinion they should just stick to the old CG system, But who listens to me ^-^
Its a win loss situation and i hope they think this over.

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Welcome to the site!
I am very excited about this and cant wait to start!
Im also looking for writers, so tell me if your interested :)
Have nice reading :D